Frequently Asked Questions

Vendor Registration

How to register as a Vendor?

You could go to Vendor Registration page and submit all your information. On submission, you will receive access to the Vendor portal.

What features does the vendor portal have?

The vendor portal has Dashboard, order management, return management , payouts and reporting.

Product Categories

What are the product categories that are available to sellers on Droppshipp?

Many product categories are available. Please check the list by clicking here. If you do not see your desired product category, please submit your request here.

Are there any restrictions for any products to be sold on Droppshipp?

Yes, there are restrictions for some products to be sold on Droppshipp. Please click here to view the list of restricted products.

When does a vendor get paid?

A vendor gets paid 15 to 21 days after the products have been received by the customer provided a refund has not been requested for the product. Vendors can request for eligible payments by logging into their portals.

Who bears the shipping cost?

Droppshipp collects shipping cost if Fed ex shipping option is selected.


How are taxes calculated or collected for each sales on DroppShipp?

HST/GST/PST is collected based on shipping address of the customer. The taxes are collected by Droppshipp and sent along with Vendor payment.


How are returns processed ?

Customers can request for refund within the 14 day return policy. Once they request, customer will have to bear the shipping cost back to the vendor’s facility.


Whats the turn around time for shipping?

Products can be shipped between 24 hours to 72 hours from the time an order has been placed.

Whose responsibility is it if the product is not shipped 72 hours after the order has been placed?

If Vendor, does not ship the products within 72 hours after an order has been placed, vendor will not receive credit for void order.

Are weekends and public holidays considered for the 72 hour deadline?

Only business days are considered for the deadline.

What are the shipping options available for a vendor?

The following options are available for shipping :

  • Fedex
  • UPS
  • Free Shipping
  • Store Pickup

Note : Vendor needs to register with Fedex and UPS, if they would like to Fedex or UPS as one of their shipping services.

Can a vendor use his own delivery boy?

Yes, a vendor can use his own delivery boys to ship products.

Can the customer or vendor track the product after an order has been placed?

For now, orders can be tracked live if Fedex or UPS is used for shipping. For other shipping modes, status tracking can be done.

From where will shipping of products be done?

Products will be shipped from Vendor’s premises registered on Droppshipp.

What are the documents avaiable when an order has been placed?

An invoice and packing slip is auto generated against each order. They are available against each order in the order section of the vendor portal

Does a vendor need to generate an invoice for an order?

Vendor invoices are autogenerated for each order and are emailed to the customer and vendor.

Products & Categories

As a vendor, I don’t see the relevant category of my product. How do I list and publish?

Please send us the request with the category and we will add the category so that you can list your products.


As a vendor, how do we know when an order has been placed?

An email notification with the invoice copy will be sent to a vendor when an order has been placed for a vendor’s product.


Whom to contact in case of a problem with Vendor portal or other issues?

Please email to We will get back to you within 48 hours.

For all other questions, please email